NZVel Bio-Active Deer Antler Velvet.

Quality New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet for better health!

NZVel is a family owned business located in Christchurch, the garden city, New Zealand.
Our 100% green, natural New Zealand Deer Velvet is the optimum natural supplement with health enhancing and restoring properties. 2000 years of experience is now here for you!

NZVel offers a range of products using the first Bio Active New Zealand Deer Velvet in the world. NZVel Patented New Zealand Deer Velvet has an absorption rate of up to 70% and is one of the best on the market today.

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Our three products cover everything from sports recovery to psoriasis. Have a read about our products below or move round the site to find out more about this 2000 year old "Super Tonic".

NZVel Enhance Bio - is positioned to help give greater support for joint pain, relieve the symtoms of arthritis and general health.
We have added four ingredients to our Patented Bio Active New Zealand Deer Velvet to compliment in the aid of joint pain, arthritis and support general health. Read More…..

NZVel Sports Bio - is positioned to offer greater benefits for sports recovery.
We have added three ingredients to our Bio Active New Zealand Deer Velvet that help aid inflammation and speed up recovery from physical activity. Read More…..

NZVel Pure Bio Active Deer Velvet - Deer Velvet, in Chinese medicine, is considered a "cure all" this means that velvet is regarded more as a powerful restorer and maintainer of health and not only as a cure for disease. Read More…..

NZVel Omega 3 - Along with having the best Deer Velvet products in the world, we now bring an amazing New Zealand natural source of Omega 3. Read More.....

NZVel Green Lipped Mussel - Along with having the best Deer Velvet products in the world, we now bring you an amazing New Zealand natural source of Green Lipped Mussel. Read More....

If you are looking for a 100% natural, safe and effective supplement NZVel New Zealand Deer Velvet is for you.
You will not find a product that even comes close to NZVel! That is our promise.
We believe we have the best deer antler velvet in the world today!

Deer Velvet products currently sold today provide the body with an average of 18%-22% absorption, letting you absorb 90mg of Deer Velvet for every 500mg of Deer Velvet consumed. NZVel patented Bio Active New Zealand Deer Velvet products allow the body to absorb up to 70%, this allows you to absorb 147mg for every 210mg of Deer Velvet consumed and over 300mg for every 500mg consumed. This is of HUGE importance, as the body needs the correct dosage without excess waste to obtain the full benefits of the Deer Velvet. (Traditional Deer Velvet is generally sold in 250mg and 500mg capsules).

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