Enhancing your Dogs Health with New Zealand Deer Velvet

Enhancing your Dogs Health with New Zealand Deer Velvet

Our loving family best friend, our dogs, can benefit greatly from the properties of deer velvet antler, just as humans have for the past 2000 years.

Recent scientific studies and veterinary experience suggest that there are significant advantages to the pet owner by starting young animals on a regimen of deer velvet antler supplement. Many of today’s processed pet foods have been found to lack nutrients sufficient for optimal growth both in brain function and skeletal development towards healthy and active adulthood. Furthermore, there are a number of documented cases where even quite young animals, particularly puppies, have exhibited degenerative joint disease (DJD) possibly contributed to by being fed 45 poor quality food, being overweight or lacking correct exercise.

When put on a regular supplement of deer velvet antler, these symptoms have greatly diminished or disappeared altogether.

For the mature dogs in our lives, owners are increasingly looking beyond conventional treatments for chronic conditions in their pets and appreciate the opportunity to consider a broader range of options. Deer velvet fits well into this range.
As a natural therapy backed by robust research, this choice will appeal to many pet owners.

Although relatively new to the modern supplement market, deer velvet antler has been used for centuries by the Asian and North American peoples as a powerful health tonic.

Therapies based on New Zealand deer velvet can provide a natural, holistic treatment to help relieve symptoms associated with joint problems caused by osteoarthritis in pets, stimulate the immune system, and promote brain development in young animals. As well as providing your four-legged family member with relief from pain and inflammation and getting them moving again, deer velvet provides other long-term benefits for their general wellbeing.

Common uses for deer velvet are to encourage:

  • Joint function, mobility and arthritis relief • Muscle and connective tissue development and strength
  • Immune support
  • Brain development
  • Vitality and general wellbeing
  • Endurance and durability
  • Red blood cell production
  • Oxygen carrying capacity
  • Speedy tissue recovery
  • Recuperation after surgery
  • Optimal reproductive activity
  • Reducing inflammation after injury or exercise
  • Cardiovascular health

The complex proteins and lipids found in deer velvet are thought to provide these health benefits, and continued research is confirming this. Although the main body of research and experience of deer velvet antler usage applies to humans going back over 2000 years, it is fitting that this knowledge is now being applied to the small animal kingdom by forward thinking vets, for in the wild and prior to domestication, these carnivorous animals relied on the fresh meat, bone and blood of their prey for their health, nutrition and wellness.

There is anecdotal evidence that puppies benefit from deer velvet supplements early in life for skeletal development and strength which helps to prevent the onset of DJD and arthritis later in life.

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