Quality New Zealand Deer Velvet

NZVel Pure Deer Antler Velvet is the most pure and effective Deer Antler Velvet on the market today. With a patented formula that allows up to 70% absorption.

Want peak performance & to recover faster?

Our formula is positioned to offer greater benefits for sports recover.

We have added four ingredients to our Active Deer Velvet that help aid inflammation and speed up recovery from physical activity. Take away the need for synthetic anti-inflammatory pills with our 100% natural products.


"Since using NZVel Sports Bio my recovery times have decreased rapidly. I can now train equally as hard every day, and my results are improving from the benefits of extra trainings. Also my tired knee is handling the extra trainings with ease. Cheers NZVel."

Julian Richards - Brisbane, Australia

  • Deer Friendly

    NZVel Deer Antler Velvet is 100% safe for the deer, does not harm them in any way and their antlers grow back each year.

  • Natural

    Sourced from clean green New Zealand pastures, we use only the finest natural ingredients across the entire product range.

  • Proven Benefits

    Deer Velvet is one of the world’s most effective "cure all" supplements available. New Deer Velvet benefits are still being discovered!

  • Quality Formula

    NZVel uses a patented formula that allows up to 70% absorption. This means our supplements are more effective than others.

The story behind NZVel

It began when I was a child living on a Deer farm in Oxford, North Canterbury, New Zealand. 

Our family farm had been supplying Deer Velvet to the Asian market for many years. During an injury sustained from playing rugby, post-surgery I was told it would take 3months to get back on the field, but after taking Deer Velvet, I was back running and playing rugby at a professional level in just 6 weeks. It also completely healed a skin aliment and my immunity to this day is as strong as ever, evident by the lack of doctor visits.

My wife Adele and I decided that the benefits of Deer Velvet needed to be shared and we started our NZVel Deer Antler Velvet company to offer people a natural product to help enhance their lives the way it had enhanced ours.