Red Formula specifically for Women

Red Formula specifically for Women

Our Womens Red Formula is packed with a unique combination of Bio Active Deer Velvet, Green Lipped Mussel and Milk Mineral Calcium.

Taking only 2 capsules a day will help improve sleep, memory, moody and motivation, while also assisting in joint health and mobility.


A little more about why you should add Womens Red Formula to your morning routine…

  • By taking this supplement once a day, this can aid in improving your general health, increase your flexibility and joint health. But the most common reason our customers take Deer Antler Velvet is to regulate their hormones and treat hormonal imbalance.

  • It can also increase muscular strength, boost endurance, and increase the speed of your recovery from physical activity, simply by taking this all natural supplement.

  • Hormone levels in women naturally fluctuate at certain times, such as around menstruation, during pregnancy and during menopause. When a woman’s hormone levels rise above or drop below normal, this is known as hormonal imbalance. Taking Womens Red Formula reduces the symptoms and aids in evening the imbalance.

  • The active ingredients in deer antler velvet have been known to help balance hormones in women. Deer velvet can ease pre-menstrual symptoms such as cramps, mood swings, and fatigue. It can also regulate an abnormal or delayed menstrual cycle.


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