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In Chinese medicine Deer Antler Velvet is considered a "cure all" product - this means that velvet is regarded more as a powerful restorer and maintainer of health and not only as a cure for disease. Its function is seen to strengthen and protect the body rather than only being an agent to fight pathogens and infection.

Discover how Deer Velvet will support your Health & Wellbeing.

Deer Velvet for Pets Works!

"I have never written a testimonial.  Our young Golden came up lame on the left front.  After several trips to the vet with X-rays etc and no solution I ran across your product on the internet.  After about one month the dog is improved by 80%.  I just ordered additional bottles for him.  The product is excellent.  Many thanks!"

Russ Dennis

Deer Velvet for Athletes Works!

"Since using NZVel Sports Bio my recovery times have decreased rapidly. I can now train equally as hard every day, and my results are improving from the benefits of extra trainings. Also my tired knee is handling the extra trainings with ease. Cheers NZVel."

Julian Richards

Deer Velvet for Wellbeing Works!

"I am a horse trainer and a mother of two. Since taking deer velvet I have noticed myself with more energy and generally feeling more active during the day. My body feels better and I am riding more too. Thanks!"