100% Deer-Friendly

NZVel Deer Velvet Antler is 100% Safe & Harm Free


NZVel Deer Antler Velvet is a very special and unique product as it is 100% safe, harm free and renewable.

Deer are the only mammals in the world that can repeatedly grow an appendage. Every year the stag (male deer) grows antlers in the lead up to mating season.

In the wild antlers are used by the stag to assert dominance over the other male deer to prove he is the best mate for the females. These antlers are naturally shed every year after the mating season and regenerate all over again the following year.

Harvesting of the antler is repeated every year by NZVel specialists without any harm to these incredible animals.

Removal of the antler ensures the animals safety as they will use the antler to fight causing injury to one another.

Having grown up on a deer farm and with a great fondness for these majestic animals I can tell you we treasure them immensely and are grateful for the amazing product they allow us to produce.