Unique Combination of Natural Ingredients for Every Women

Unique Combination of Natural Ingredients for Every Women

NZVel Women’s Red Formula has been produced specifically for Women and their unique everyday needs.

The product is a unique combination of our Patented Bio Active Deer Velvet, Green Lipped Mussel Extract and Milk Mineral Calcium formulated to help alleviate hormonal and menstrual problems while easing symptoms of menopause.

The Red Formula provides many anti-aging effects including immunity, strengthening of the mind and general quality of life.

It will help improve sleep, memory, mood and motivation while also assisting in joint pain and mobility.


Deer Velvet Specially for Women's Needs

While velvet antler extract is regarded as the ultimate primal tonic for men, it is also widely prescribed in Russia for women, especially for treating menstrual problems and alleviating the symptoms of menopause.
Western medicine, particularly in the United States, promotes the use of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for women at menopause, which involves giving small doses of oestrogen to women in order to compensate for the dramatic drop in the amount of oestrogen being produced by the ovaries. It is a very controversial therapy, with studies showing that in the short term HRT may banish the debilitating effects of menopause, but it may in fact unleash greater health risks such as thrombosis and uterine cancer later in life.
Women seeking less invasive ways to balance the hormonal system during menopause, which can be a time of intense physical and psychological stress, may be interested to know that in Russia pantocrin and rantarin are officially recommended for menopausal problems as well as for delayed and abnormal menstrual cycles.
Fuler states, “Pantocrine was found very useful in reduced sexual function and menopausal disorders of circulation, in depression and psychological problems, and pain in the joints.” He goes on to say that some of the menopausal women treated in this way even started menstruating again.
Women taking velvet have reported diminished symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, even to the point where periods pass by almost unnoticed. They have also reported increased sexual interest, and a sense of being in touch with deeper reserves of vital energy.
While pantocrin given to young male mice caused an increase in the size of their sexual glands, similar experiments were carried out in Russia by Brekhman and Taneyeva to investigate the gonadotrophic action of velvet extract on female mice. During these experiments they discovered an increase in the weight of the uterus and ovaries of the mice, and also an increased number of oestrus cycles.
Whether the effect is on male or female, velvet appears to have a profound strengthening and balancing influence upon the hormonal system. Traditionally it is prescribed to women in China for infertility and “female reproductive debility.” It is taken by women during pregnancy and lactation, during childbirth to aid in the baby’s delivery, and after childbirth as a general Tonic.
Anti-Aging Effects
The elderly in Asia take velvet during the cold winter months, when the body is most vulnerable to infection and disease. It is traditionally said to benefit a wide variety of mental and physical health processes that are involved with aging, including strengthening the mind and increasing the quality and length of life. Its positive influence is so marked that Brekhman distinguishes pantocrin from all other adaptogens because its effect are “manifest with particular distinction in elderly and old people.”
The revitalising effects of velvet antler have long been known in Oriental medicine and well documented in Russian clinical trials where both pantocrin and rantarin are used to treat the elderly. “In Russia where eleutherococcus and particularly pantocrine/rantarin are given to the elderly, many trials have been reported,” writes Fulder. “In one study using elderly patients with some degree of atherosclerosis, rantarin was found to improve sleep, memory, mood and drive, and to alleviate headaches.”
More recent research carried out by Chinese scientist Wang Benxiang and associates suggests that velvet preparations showed anti-aging effects by reducing signs of senility in mice, very possibly due to its hormonal effects.
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