Athlete & Adventure Guide - Bob, updates us on Pure

Bob is another happy NZVel Customer who has been taking Pure and has become a key part of not only the recovery of a recent injury, but also as part of his day as an Adventure Guide and Athlete (Adventure Racing).

" I used NZVel to get back into training and back that energy"

- following broken ankle and broken leg... " For bone growth, both the Doctors and the Surgeons have commented on how quickly the bone has recovered and how strong it has got. I put this down to NZVel"

"It's helped me get back into guiding, only months after injuries."

"I have big days in the hills and I need the energy. Sometimes 16-18 hour days."

We love hearing how our 100% Natural product helps our customers from the inside out. Allowing them to enjoy their interests and get the best out of each day!

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