Wholesale Deer Velvet

We wholesale our deer velvet supplements to retail stores, vets, and gyms globally.

Why Stock NZVel? 

As New Zealand's Deer Velvet experts, NZVel offers a unique advantage rooted in deep expertise and firsthand experience. Founded by Sean Cuttance, as a young boy grew up on a deer farm, the company is driven by a passion for the remarkable benefits of deer velvet.

One of NZVel's distinguishing features is our unwavering commitment to quality. Every ingredient undergoes rigorous scrutiny for purity, ensuring that customers receive only the best products. This dedication to excellence extends beyond ingredients to encompass our formulas, which are tested and proven to deliver results. As a Retailer, you can trust that by partnering with NZVel, we are offering your customers supplements of the highest caliber.

In addition to our commitment to quality, NZVel prioritizes efficiency in every aspect of their operations. With a streamlined dispatch process, orders are shipped daily via FedEx, enabling retailers to restock shelves promptly. Whether located locally or internationally, NZVel's turnaround ensures that retailers can keep their stores stocked with minimal delay. Within just three days, retailers worldwide can have their shelves replenished with NZVel's premium products, allowing them to meet customer demand promptly and efficiently.

With a foundation built on expertise, quality, and efficiency, NZVel offers retailers the opportunity to provide their customers with superior health supplements backed by a trusted brand. By partnering with NZVel, you can elevate your offerings, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth in your businesses.

Interested in stocking NZVel Deer Velvet in your retail business? Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to stock our Deer Velvet products.


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