The NZVel Deer Velvet Subscription is an easy and efficient way to ensure you or your pet are receiving your NZVel Deer Antler Velvet, right when you need it. No need to remember to re-order, 10% discount every time, and if you need to update your subscription, that is as easy as 1-2-3!


How it works

Once you place your initial subscription order, you will select a cycle (1 month or 2 month etc),  your NZVel Deer Velvet order will then always be replenished automatically on that cycle. We'll package up your order and send this direct to you. Leaving the hassle out of remembering to place another order.

By subscribing, you are always saving 10% off every order, every time you receive your subscription.


Manage Subscription

To manage your existing subscription with us, this is done through our Customer Portal. Simply login to our website using this link and then click on Manage Subscriptions

From here you can change the following:

  • Subscription Details
    • Upcoming Order Date
    • Upcoming Quantity
    • Add Products
    • Swap Products
  • Shipping
    • Edit Frequency
    • Skip Next Order
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Pause Subscription

If you have any questions about how the NZVel Deer Velvet Subscription works, please feel free to contact our team here